We practice guidance to help children learn appropriate behaviours. Our goal is to assist children to develop self-control, confidence, and sensitivity to others by using a positive approach.

These are the guidelines we follow:

* Providing an appropriately sized, organized play space which will allow children to play in a relaxed manner and avoid conflicts that arise from crowded play areas.

* Follow a flexible routine so that children can feel trust and security.

* Provide a variety of toys and activities which will stimulate cognitive, physical, and emotional growth.

* Approach children with concerns in a calm and controlled manner.

* Recognize a child’s feelings before discussing the behavioural limits.

* Focusing on fixing the behaviour, not the child.

* Letting children work out incidents on their own with the skills they know, and helping out where necessary. Encourage children to problem solve with each other.

* Discuss acceptable behaviour and setting limits with children, using easy to grasp terms so that they can understand.

* Focusing on what children can and should to instead of what they can’t or shouldn’t do (“You can do this” instead of “Stop doing that”).

* Encouraging relationships between children, and working to develop a relationship with each child.

* Redirect children to other activities when it is the best way to resolve a conflict.

* Remind children of limits when needed.

* Encourage children to make positive choices.

* Use logical consequences (if they dump a bin of toys, they will be expected to clean it up).

* Use time reminders before transitions from one activity to the other to rapid changes. (e.g. In 5 minutes we will clean up our toys and wash our hands.)

* If children are in an unsafe situation, or if they are putting other children at risk we will remove them from the unsafe situation first, and then guide them. This may include picking them up (e.g. if they leave the daycare, or the group), or removing them from under a table/desk, or sitting with them if they need to calm down.

We do not practice any forms of corporal punishment (slapping, shaking, or spanking). We do not cause children to be humiliated, confine them (time outs), or deprive children from meals, snacks or toilet as a form of discipline. We ask that parents refrain from these tactics while in the daycare.

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